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Updated: Mar 21

MAX has been with us on and off since August 2019 so the photos reflect dirty Max, clean Max, in need of a haircut Max and so you can gauge his size a photo of him next to our stone bench - he is very long.

He is 2 years old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He could possibly be a Sealyham Terrier - looks very much like a West Highland Terrier at the front but has a really long chunky body very similar in size to a Basset - he is not a small dog. He needs to be the only dog and live in a home with dog experienced owners as he has a naughty temperamental streak and does like to get his own way. Children in the home or visiting need to be 16+ and dog savvy, definitely no cats and visitors need to be wary as he can be choosy over which humans he likes and doesn't. He is either your best friend or not - depends on his mood, loves his walks, house trained, playful and loyal when bonded.

Someone is really missing out on a cracking dog - he just needs to be given the time to settle.

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