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French Bulldog, 2 years old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

I will start with the minus issues:

NEGATIVE Points but a lot of these are just his fear of the item but once he is reassured the item will not hurt him he seems to accept it:

Does not like children or babies

Hates scooters, bikes, anything pretty much moving with wheels but the more he gets to see/hear/be around them is getting better.

He will sometimes react to the hoover noise or washing machine - again is fine if he is reassured the noise will not hurt him.

Work men with drills and such like drive him bonkers, the boiling noise of the kettle, the noise a printer makes, door bell ring, tin foil and grease proof paper sounds so you could say he is very sensitive to sounds - .

BAD points: he has severe food guarding issues - you cannot be in the same room or vicinity once his food is given to him - he is a bit like a dog possessed (this was in a kennel environment but in the home he will accept hand food gently!!)

He craves constant attention and can be rather needy.

Selective deaf when it suits him so he doesn't have to follow instructions.

Very unsociable on walks and not always liking other dogs.

He has mood swings of being extremely lovable and affectionate to bordering on being unpredictable which is such a shame as all these negatives detract from the good that is inside this gorgeous little man.

Ronnie LIKES: his back legs and bottom scratched,

Enjoys a bubble bath - say the word "bath" and he gets very excited

His raw food (but don't go near him) and

Playing with his toys.

He likes to get in bed with you and will happily stay there all night.

He is completely house and crate trained, loves a cuddle, will sit and wait for permission to eat his food and will go on command.

Ronnie definitely needs a home that can work with him and one that has the experience to deal with his Jekyll and Hyde nature.

He needs a ONE PERSON ONLY home and someone who is home most of the day, someone out at work all day will not suit Ronnie as he does love his humans.

NO children at all under 16 - ideally none at all but any child in the home must have an understanding of unpredictable dogs.

Secure garden is a must.

No other pets.

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