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Border Collie 18 months old, spayed, vaccinations started, microchipped now looking for her forever home.

Being honest, Molly is not the easiest of dogs and she is going to require an experienced dog owner, Collie experience would be preferred or working dog experience as she needs to be placed in an environment that will keep her busy so that her brain is doing something as she is not a sit in front of the telly type of dog nor is she happy with a 20 minute walk - she likes to keep busy.

With women her temperament is excellent but she can be wary of some men. (She goes out walking here with male dog walkers without issue but did not take to the male in the failed home - see below).

She is very clever and wants to please. Doesn't really take much notice of the other dogs (at the kennels) but would be better either living as an only dog so all the attention is focused on her or she will need a laid back neutered male who will take no notice of her. She appears to be house trained, travels well. Loves to play.

Children need to a very dog savvy 8+ or older. Cats unknown and untested.

She has recently been to a home and failed - this is their findings:-

We have identified two main issues with her behaviour and they are closely tied together:

1) trying to dominate the space in the house over our dog leading to Molly being aggressive towards Taffy and towards us when told off,

2) her general anxiety of being in the house combined with the unexpected snapping with no apparent trigger.

It is heartbreaking decision to make, but it seems right from the safety point of view. It is a matter of time before she bites one of us or a child. She is a very smart dog picking up new skills quickly. We have walked her early in the mornings and late at night to avoid contact with other dogs; we have eliminated pulling (after few minutes of initial going for walkies excitement of course), she learned to sit and wait before crossing the road, play with tuggy toy, leave when asked plus all the usual like sit, paw, touch, etc. I'm sure that she'll make a great companion for someone with time, skill and most importantly right environment for her.

Contact Wallace Kennels - she is in Essex.

An application form is required in the first instance but do not apply if you are going away in the next few weeks.

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