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Updated: Apr 29

Lurcher - 5 years old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

We can't really fault this boy, he wants to please and is happy to be cuddled and receive affection.

He is clean in is kennel, walks really well on the lead and has been fine on meet and greets with other dogs here but we have found in a home environment he can go in to owner protect mode and takes a dislike to other dogs out and about unless they are sighthounds. He is a large muscular dog and can get a bit over zealous doing zoomies with smaller dogs so he may be better in a home as an only dog.

He will chase cats and squirrels so maybe best not to live with an indoor cat or other small furries. Children 5+.

We are seeking a home where Jeremy is not left all day every day for more than a few hours and maybe no other dogs or perhaps just with a female sighthound of similar size/build. Secure garden and 6ft fencing is a must.

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