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Updated: Mar 21

.... gorgeous isn't he!

He is a 3 year old French Bulldog - neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He will either love you or hate you and he will let you know his decision instantly.

Harry is a dog that you will need to come and visit regularly in order to form a bond (1 day or just 1 weekend will not be enough) however once he loves you, you really will have a best friend. Harry does get along with other dogs it is a people issue he has. He is fully house trained, walks well on the lead, travels well - can't fault except for his people issue.

He HAS bitten so WILL NOT be homed with any resident or visiting children under 16 years old.

  1. He doesn't like anyone bending over to stroke him - he will bite,

  2. doesn't like people who don't live with him so will bite strangers coming in to his home,

  3. doesn't like hands in pockets and will jump up to bite through garment to get to hands.

  4. He also gets grumpy if too hot.

  5. He loves his humans being around and at home with him, likes to play ball with or without someone joining in, loves. paddling pool and hosepipes, rivers, puddles.

  6. When Harry knows you, he loves you and he is a cracking dog. He knows and understands some commands and can be left for a few hours. He has been used to an open crate as "safe space" which he will happily use.

  7. Definitely a dog with character but needs an experienced owner. The calmer and quieter the home the happier Harry will be.

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