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Small Collie x GSD, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped - 14 months old. Medium sized.

He is an energetic bouncy teenager that tries to push his luck and then gives big licks and cuddles. If he can get away with it he will play nip or try to mouth but that his him just seeking more attention. He needs to be taught rules and boundaries so will need a confident owner that is willing to give him time to settle and learn. He will probably need a few house training refresher lessons but he is a very quick learner and wants to please.

Harold is a really nice dog and just needs to be given a chance to prove himself.

Children need to be confident and 12+.

Garden with 5-6ft fencing is a must as is a home where someone is not out of the house all day every day.

Harold is not suitable for a flat unless ground floor with access to own garden.

We think he would be better suited to being the only dog and no cats.

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