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German Shepherd, 4 1/2 years old, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped

Ghost is looking for an experienced handler as he is definitely not for a novice owner so we will be seeking someone with experience of the breed or similar.

He has been absolutely fine around a spayed GSD bitch so could live with a female dog.

Not suitable for younger children. No cats.

Ghost is super friendly with most humans and as you can see is dog friendly with spayed bitches (entire males are a no go). He is playful, loves his walks but is a strong dog so needs someone who can handle him.

Ghost will let you know if you are doing something he doesn't like by giving warning growls - if you ignore his warning growl(s) he will then attempt to bite but he has warned you to back off hence he requires an experienced handler.

We will not home him with children under 14 years old

Like most Shepherds he does have a delicate tummy but this is controlled by diet and supplements (which are working).

A secure garden is a must with adequate height fencing.

Contact Wallace Kennels - he is in Essex.

An application form is required in the first instance but DO NOT apply if you are going away in the next few weeks.

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