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Medium sized crossbreed approx 3 1/2 years old, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is a proper cutie, very friendly, has been fine around the other dogs she has met, cats unknown.

Willow will need a home where she is not left for more than a couple of hours. She loves to be with you and is very playful and affectionate. She is house trained and responsive to commands like sit, paw, lie down etc. She loves being with people and making a fuss of them. She loves her food and toys. She'll laze around on the chair but loves her walks. She can run very fast and can do it for a long time. She's easy to bath, makes no fuss. She adores children (5+). She sleeps well all night. She's very cooperative, she'll stand still for her feet to be wiped and to put coats and jumpers on etc. She travels well in the boot of the car, jumps in happily and settles down.

Only difficult things are she is nervous of men, mainly in the house it seems worse but I think she would get used to the right person if he was calm and gentle and consistent with her. She loves children and wants to play but does get a bit excited and jump up and occasionally nip at them but I think she could learn not to. She's terrified of loud bangs and doesn't like walking by traffic and it makes her pull as she's scared.

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