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American Bulldog - 16 months old, neutered and microchipped

He is a very friendly boy, very enthusiastic, very lively and for some he may be too full on with his excitement - pretty sure that once he is out of here and has 24/7 loving and exercise he will be a lot calmer - he just wants to play and be with people.  He does love a football.

He has taken no notice of any of the other dogs walking past his kennel and has been able to go for walks at the same time as other dogs without issue but we feel he would be better living as the only dog in the home.  Careful and sensible introductions with other dogs would be advised.  Cats unknown and untested.  Any children would need to be 7+ and used to large dogs.

Cookie is an unclaimed stray so we do not have any background history on him.  He is a medium to large size dog and very strong.

We have had no issues with him in his kennel and he is not destructive.

Ideally we would like to see him in a home where he is not going to be left for more than a few hours per day.

A secure garden with minimum of 6ft fencing is a must.

If you think you could offer Cookie a home you need to contact Wallace Kennels - he is in Essex.

An application form is required in the first instance but do not apply if you are going away or not around in the next few weeks.

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