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Labrador X - spayed, vaccinated and microchipped - 4 years old (August 2020)

She is a real handful and is definitely going to need a home that can give her the time, training, exercise, love and attention she is craving.

The NEGATIVES: Amber opens doors and can turn the key. She jumps high fences or will try to dig her way under, she is food aggressive if other dogs are around, she tips her food out of the bowl preferring to eat from the floor, does not like small dogs or other small furries - definitely NO cats, chases flying animals, is a lead puller and strong on the lead, likes to back out of collars, harnesses etc. She dislikes cars, apparently doesn't travel well. Amber is not suitable for someone precious over their garden - she is a hole digger however she prefers to go to the toilet on walks not in her garden so that's a bit of a plus. She does not like thunderstorms, fireworks and such like - she jumps on sofa for cuddles and reassurance.

POSITIVES: Amber is a very loving and affectionate dog, fully house trained and just needs to be in the right understanding patient home.

She need a home where she is not left for more than a couple of hours max per day as she will bark, also barks at people coming to the home (good for letting you know you have visitors/intruders), no cats or small dogs or any other small furries, children need to be 8-10+ and used to larger dogs

If you feel you can give Amber what she needs then please get in touch.


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