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Updated: Jun 30

Mini Pinscher, 8 years old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

CHARLIE needs an experienced owner, one person only home - one to one attention as not a fan of sharing and someone who is prepared to give this gorgeous little man a chance.

We are seeking a quiet calm home for him and one that is experienced with small, sometimes nervous dogs. His new owner must be fit and able as Charlie does like his walks and they must have quick reflexes as Charlie can be quick to nip/bite if he is not liking something. He doesn't seem to like being shut away in either another room or a crate and has a night-time foot fetish and will attack moving feet that are in front of him. Once Charlie knows you and feels safe he is extremely loving and affectionate so he is going to make someone a wonderful companion but this will not be instant. Charlie needs to be given time, patience and understanding. We will not home him with any children under 16 years old as quiet and calm is needed. No cats. He could live with a small spayed submissive female dog but even though he is neutered can be quite amorous - he does however like to walk with other dogs and has been fine with the smaller dogs he has met. His best friend was a female Lurcher - he loved her. He is house trained, walks well, knows and understands some commands, can be a fussy eater, travels well and he really is a good little boy (once he knows you) with lots of character. Charlie has been extremely loved and it is only circumstances that has brought him to us. We can't say he is any bother as he seems to like it here but kennels is no place for any dog to be long term :(

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