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Beagles - brothers, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped - age 5 years.

Casper has the white face. They are a bonded pair and it would be such a shame to separate them and we would only do so as a last resort and in that event they must go to a home with existing dogs for companionship as they are used to living in a group of 4. For now we are seeking a home where the boys will be kept together.

We cannot fault their temperaments, both extremely loving and affectionate and super friendly. Someone is going to be very privileged to have them.

Jasper is very overweight and is on a diet and exercise regime. He loves his toys and likes to think they are all his and if he can get away with it prefers not to share. Casper is carrying some excess pounds but not to the same extent as Jasper so definitely need to keep up with the exercise and minimise the excess goodies. Casper is the more timid of the two and needs to get to know people first but once he bonds with you he really is adorable. They have both been health checked and all good.

They have never lived with children but we are certain that they could live with dog savvy children 7+. They are ok with cats but not tested by us. They hate crates, not great fans of having nails clipped but they did let the vet do this for us, not particularly fond of the bath.

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