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Australian Cattle Dog x, 6 years old, neutered, microchipped.

Zeus is looking for an owner that is prepared to put in the time and effort as he has now failed in 2 totally different types of homes and for totally different reasons. In both he cannot be faulted in the home, his traffic rage can be managed and he is no where near as bad with moving vehicles as when he first arrived. We still feel he would be happier in a rural setting rather than a built up area. He is still toy crazy but once downtime is initiated he can be calm. He sleeps through the night without bother. Zeus is very loving and affectionate. He knows and understands a variety of commands and is fully house trained.

He is a strong dog and does like to pull on the lead. In a secure area or garden he does need to be coaxed back indoors as he is happy outside playing. He has a high prey drive so definitely no cats.

For someone used to very active Collie or working type dogs Zeus could be perfect.

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