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Cane Corso female - 2 1/2 years old. As you can see she has clearly had a litter of puppies but no more, she has now been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Absolutely gorgeous girl. She is just so loving and affectionate with a fantastic temperament, loves lots of cuddles. Very playful, adores a football. West has been a really good girl whilst she has been with us but can be a bit nervous/wary initially of new people/anything new but it doesn't take very long at all for her to work out if it safe to show her loving side.

She has been out walking with some of our other dogs without issue. Cats unknown and untested.

Any children in the home would need to be used to large breed dogs and at least 7+.

Ideally we would like to find a homer where West is not left for more than a few hours on her own but appreciate people do have to work.

A very secure garden with adequate height fencing is a must.

Contact Wallace Kennels - she is in Essex.

An application form is required in the first instance but do not apply if you are going away or not around in the next few weeks.

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