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French Bulldog, neutered, microchipped, 5 years old

Thor has been a real work in progress for us. He arrived over weight and hated absolutely everyone that dared to try and get near him. He was extremely fearful of strangers and would lunge, growl and literally try to attack anyone entering in to his space. As the days and weeks went by he started to accept one of the girls here and was then able to go for small walks. His food and treat intake was carefully managed and after losing some weight he was able to move around better and he started to play. He loves to play, absolutely adores his toys but doesn't like to give them back and is rather partial to a teddy for comfort. He can be possessive over belongings.

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a massive turnaround with Thor and he now happily accepts the majority of the volunteers putting his harness on him and taking him out, even offering a fuss and cuddle. He is so much happier and has turned out to be a really lovely boy - but it has to be on his terms. If Thor doesn't like you or doesn't want to do something he does let you know.

Thor is fully house trained, he knows and understands some commands. He has a terrific character. Absolutely loves water, especially a paddling pool. He travels well.

Thor is dog friendly and we could place him with a spayed female after careful introductions. Cats unknown. Children - NO.

Thor's new owner may need to make several visits to the kennels and does need to have experience of temperamental, strong willed dogs. As mentioned, he has not been the easiest of dogs to be around but has so been worth the effort.

We are seeking an experienced owner/couple who are not out of the home all day, has a secure garden, no children or visiting children (under 16) and are prepared to give Thor the time and patience to bond and settle.

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