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French Bulldog, neutered & microchipped - 5 years old.

He has returned to kennels - he is a sod and we did advise that.

If you are a hermit or like being on your lonesome then Thor is your ideal companion as he must go to a one person only home. He gets extremely jealous and will not accept partners or friends in the home or around his person. With his person he is the most loving and loyal dog you could ever wish to own.

He likes to play with his toys , they are his toys so not fond of giving them back. He loves water and will play in a puddle or paddling pool.

At the kennels Thor has been clean and has been able to be walked with the other dogs. He travels well.

Thor has behaved very differently in the home he has just been to than the home he came from and how we have found him to be at the kennels so he will definitely let you know one way or the other whether he is happy in his new surroundings or with the people around him.

Definitely NO children in the home or visiting.

NO cats. NO other pets.

His new person must not be out of the home all day. He gets anxious after a couple of hours.

We would recommend making SEVERAL visits to come and get to know him - definitely worth the effort. Once he has bonded with you he is a proper darling but he won't share you.

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