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Rottweiler - 4 1/2 years old, microchipped, neutered, vaccinated

This is KOBA.  He arrived at the kennels back in October 2023 having been abandoned and chained to a fence, was not the friendliest of dogs at the time and it was obvious he had a skin condition.  His microchip was never updated from his breeder whose details were also out of date but we do know he is 4 years old.

Once we gained his trust he was able to be handled, moved from a to b without issue, go out on walks with various different dog walkers and to our amazement Koba behaved impeccably when visiting the vets as he is not always at his best with strangers.   He has completed various courses of antibiotics and his skin is now how it should be healthy and shiny.

On Friday (5th Jan) Koba returned to the vets and was neutered, vaccinated and given a bath (which was apparently challenging). Providing we can find the right person Koba is ready to go to a home.  He weighed in at 52.4kg which is much better than when he arrived.

Koba has been a good boy in kennels.  He generally takes no notice of other dogs unless they have a go at him but we do have a couple of dogs here who do not like him and vice versa so his home would be better as dog free for now.

He travels well without issue.

Koba loves a game of football and is happy to play for hours and as you can see he is rather partial to a belly rub and cuddle.

He is a good boy to take out for a walk and he walks beautifully on the lead.

Koba does have his quirks and is a dog that needs to get to know you first and then he is your friend.  He is a protective dog in his surroundings and he is very strong so he is going to need a confident owner who is well used to this breed or type of dog.  Several visits are going to be required to get to know each other so this will need to be taken into account when applying.

We will not home Koba with any children under 14 years old.

He will need a secure garden with minimum of 6ft fencing.

Cats are unknown and untested.

In the right home and with the right people Koba will reward you with lots of slobbery love but you do need to bear in mind he is an unclaimed stray found chained to a fence so his background history is totally unknown.

He is a very good looking boy that does know and understand some commands plus he is food motivated.

If you think you could offer Koba a home you need to ontact Wallace Kennels - he is in Essex.

An application form is required in the first instance but do not apply if you are going away or not around in the next few weeks.

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