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Useful Dog Info

Here you’ll find important information about caring for your dog, and how to keep them healthy and happy.

Alabama Rot warning

Dog owners warned over Alabama Rot, the FATAL fungal infection spreading across the UK.

Vets have issued a new warning over Alabama Rot, a deadly fungal infection that has affected 14 dogs in the first four months of 2016, and 78 since 2012.

The disease first appeared in Greyhounds in USA in the 1980s but has now spread to 16 English counties, including Kent, London, Hampshire, Greater Manchester and Dorset.

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Babesiosis warning

Babesiosis is a life-threatening disease transmitted to dogs via infected ticks.

Here we have some information on detecting and removing ticks, and the common symptoms of Babesiosis.

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New Microchipping Law

What you need to know.

Three years ago the UK Government introduced plans to change the way we ‘register’ our pets. On April 6th, that new legislation came into practice. From this date forward, every dog in England, Scotland and Wales is required by law to be microchipped.

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Dangerous Foods for Dogs

The Ultimate Guide

“Here’s our guide of dangerous foods for dogs and the effects eating them can have on your dog. If you have any concerns over something your pet has eaten please seek the advice of a vet, don’t take anything to chance or rely on Google for the answer.”

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